The student of today has significantly more disposable income than was the case a few years ago. Just walk around a campus car park and see the BMW's, Mini's, and GTI's. Gone are the days of the bashed up Beatle.

By advertising on Student Radio Network you reach the White, Black, Coloured, Indian, English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana market.

Today's students are consistently online, and online responsive. On any campus student you will find a computer, cell phone, personal media players and many similar gadgets.

Everyone can agree that the youth market is imperative for market growth. SRN offers you a relevant niche, highly driven market, with little to no wastage on advertising spend.

Students are very brand conscious in the sense they like what's in, looks good, priced well and targeting them specifically.

Unlike most of us who have already decided what brands we like and stick to them, the student market has yet to decide their personal preferences. Hence marketers need to engage with them now in order to ensure consistent future market growth.

Beyond the sheer quantity of listeners, this is a seriously quality, focused and attractive listenership. They are highly aspirational, after all that is why they are at University.

These students are unquestionably the business leaders and decision makers of the future.

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